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4D Result Live Today |Magnum Toto DaMaCai 

4D malaysia is a highly popular games in Malaysia and Singapore. In the future, other lottery operators like Da Ma Cai and Sports ToTo followed suit. 

Da Ma Cai is conducted by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd that also organises racing stakes. Both are independent businesses. Even though Singapore Pools is your sole provider of gaming games in Singapore.

The 4D Game can be found on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in The two nations. In some event, there'll be a Special attraction that drops on Tuesday In Malaysia.

4D Toto Available Games

Magnum 4D

Magnum Berhad is a business in Malaysia known chiefly for commercial gaming. The Company, through its subsidiaries, operates horse racing club, off-track gambling activities, and invests in quoted stocks and other securities. Magnum 4D also provides information technology solutions.

Previously called Magnum Corporation and Magnum Corporation Berhad, the business was incorporated in December 1968 and was the first private organization to be awarded a permit to market, operate and handle 4-digit numbers prediction betting in Malaysia. Magnum was converted into a public company in 1970 and has been then listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ("KLSE") in precisely the exact same calendar year. But, it had been de-listed on 2 July 2008 after the conclusion of a privatisation exercise. Magnum then reverted for a private limited company and changed its name into the present one. Back in June 2013, after a demerger practice, Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad sold its non-gaming company to MPHB Capital Berhad and renamed Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad into Magnum Berhad.

Now Magnum is mostly engaged in the gambling company in the Malaysian authorised gambling market.

Back in September 2009, Magnum established an expansion of the powerful 4Digit Classic game that introduced a pari-mutuel part into the game. This match has been copyrighted by Magnum at 2013.

Sports Toto

Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad ("BToto") was incorporated in 1969 as Unilite Electric Industries Berhad. The Business changed its name to Far East Asset Berhad in 1987. On 31 October 1992, the business completed its acquisition of the entire issued and paid-up share funds of 112,522,500 ordinary shares of 50 sen each in Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("Sports Toto") for a purchase consideration of RM600 million via an problem of RM390.97 million 9% minimal quantity of RM1.00 Redeemable Convertible Unsecured Loan Stocks 1992/97 at the business and the balance in money of RM209.03 million.

The main activities of the Group are:

  • performance of Toto betting under Section 5 of the Pool Betting Act, 1967
  • leasing of online lottery equipment and supply of software support
  • manufacture and supply of computerised lottery and voting strategies
  • real estate investment and growth
  • performance of health and fitness facility
  • performance of resort
  • motor merchant and supply of aftersales services
  • investment holding
  • asset management (trustee supervisor )

The background of Sports Toto started in 1969 when it was integrated to conduct the Toto gambling business. It was basically the Government's attempt to raise funds to promote and develop athletics, cultural and youth pursuits.

Sports Toto has been privatised in 1985 when its Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, through his personal company acquired 70 percent of their paid-up capital.

Sports Toto provides 8 matches that are attracted 3 times per week.

Internationally, BToto works in Philippines via its subsidiary Berjaya Philippines, Inc. ("BPI") that is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. Its partner firm, Philippine Gaming Management Corporation ("PGMC") provides and keeps a computerized online lottery system and applications service to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office ("PCSO") at Luzon Island, Philippines.

In the uk, BPI's subsidiary, H.R. Owen Plc runs lots of luxury auto dealerships at the stature and expert automobile market for both sales and aftersales in United Kingdom.

In the united states, BToto's subsidiary, International Lottery & Totalizator Systems, Inc. ("ILTS") provides computerized wagering equipment and systems to the internet lottery and also pari-mutuel racing businesses globally and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Unisyn Voting Solutions, Inc. produces and distributes voting machines and systems to voting authorities in the united states.


Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. (“PMP”), was founded in Malaysia on July 4, 1988. Its main business is the conduct and direction of their Numbers Forecast Totalisator company under the supply of this Racing (Totalisator Board) Act, 1961.

About 9 August 2011, Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("JPM") acquired the whole shareholding at PMP. After the purchase of PMP from JPM, all PMP's net gains that JPM receives will be donated to The Community Chest ("TCC"). With this arrangement, PMP has been changed from a for-profit business into a social company, providing long-term contributions to TCC for the advantage of the global community.

We concentrate on Instruction
Funded mostly from the proceeds of PMP, TCC funds the institution, development and progress of learning and schools institutions that are non-profit and that do not receive adequate financing or help from the authorities or from your neighborhood.

We don't donate money straight to the universities or education associations. During our volunteers, TCC works hand-in-hand with college officials and builders to construct, restore and repair physical infrastructure and facilities which need urgent care, all for the sake of their school kids.

Since launch 2011, volunteers out of TCC have worked tirelessly together with Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools in addition to missionary colleges nationwide, from East to West Malaysia, to make sure that broken tiles and roofs have been substituted, termite issues solved, bathrooms repaired and present buildings that are old are safe and solid to your school kids, in addition to constructed new structures and ancillary facilities like multi-purpose hallways, covered paths, science labsand librariesand resource centers and much more.

Singapore Pools

Singapore pools logo comes with a round gradual blue box surrounding the'S' and'P' font-type. The lively logo aims to be contemporary and fresh. Blue is embraced into our emblem as it communicates the virtues of responsibility and reliability. This symbolises our commitment towards providing a secure and reliable gaming surroundings to counter illegal gaming. That is in keeping with our company philosophy on doing what's appropriate to protect and care for our clients.

Singapore pools tagline is a daring statement that reflects us as a socially responsible business of choice. Putting the community in the center of what we do, we uplift the neighborhood via reinventing giving.

Singapore Pools was incorporated on 23 May 1968 to curtail illegal gambling in Singapore. It supplied Singaporeans using a legal route to wager on lotteries, countering the uncontrolled illegal gambling syndicates which exist.

Their sales channels comprise our network of divisions and third party retail brokers situated at supermarkets, supply stores, convenience shops and soccer clubs, and'live' sports entertainment sites.

Clients that fulfill our societal defenses requirements can start a Singapore Pools Account.

How does Toto 4D Work?

Wonder how to play the Classic 4D, 4D Jackpot, as well as the ToTo Jackpot?


Choose any three-digit numbers ranging from "000" to "999". Winnings will be based on the last 3 digits of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize drawn at a 1+3D draw.

4D Classic

To play, you just pick a 4-digit number, or 4D number, from 0000 to 9999. You win when the 4D number you picked matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn by the operators.

I-box, mbox, i-Perm

It is the new and easy permutation play that allows you to cover your bet by choosing from a range of 4, 6, 12 or 24 permutations of your favourite 4D number with just RM1. There are 24 combinations for a four-digit number if the number has 4 different digits (e.g.1648), 12 permutations for a four-digit number with 1 pair of similar number (e.g. 1668), 6 permutations for a number with 2 pairs of similar digit (e.g. 2828 or ) and 4 permutations for a number with 3 similar digit (e.g.1888).

4D Jackpot

Choose two (2) of your favourite 4D numbers from 0000 to 9999 to form a pair eg, (1234 + 5678). The pair of two (2) 4D numbers chosen is considered as one (1) bet and a minimum investment of RM2. Once you have placed a bet on your chosen pair of two (2) 4D numbers, you are in for a chance to win the multi-million Jackpot 1 and RM100,000-minimum Jackpot 2 and other prizes! Both Jackpot 1 and Jackpot 2 prize money have NO LIMITS!

ToTo 5D

Pick a 5-digit number from 00000 to 99999, If you hit the 1st prize, you win RM15,000 for each RM1 bet.

ToTo 6D

Pick a 6-digit number from 000000 to 999999, if you hit the 1st prize, you win RM100,000 for each RM1 bet.

Star ToTo 6/50

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 50, each bet is RM1.

Power ToTo 6/55

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 55, each bet is RM1.

Supreme ToTo 6/58

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 58, each bet is RM2.

How to Win at 4D

The opportunity to live your fantasy is no more than a lucky amount away, so try your hands in our matches now! We have laid out all you have to understand within this handy record. The principles could be somewhat technical, but they are pretty straightforward.

4D is an easy game of chance.

  1. Decide on a 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999, e.g. 0138, 1012, 4318, 7766 or 9991.
  2. Choose to play Big Forecast, or Small Forecast, or even both.
  3. Purchase an amount for every Forecast selected (minimal RM1).

In these 4D Toto games, you surely win when your 4D number matches with one of the winning numbers drawn.

JFDBET 4D Toto Table Price

4D / 1+3D ( Prize Per MYR1 Bet )
Prize Category ABC / Big A/Small 4A
1ST PRIZE MYR 2,500 + 500 MYR 3,500 + 700 MYR 6,300 + 1260
2ND PRIZE MYR 1,000 + 200 MYR 2,000 + 400 -
3RD PRIZE MYR 500 + 100 MYR 1,000 + 200 -
SPECIAL MYR 200 + 40 - -
Extra Bonus from JFDBet*
3D (Prize Per MYR1 Bet)
Prize Category ABC / Big A/Small

IBOX – ABC / Big (Prize Per MYR1 Bet)
Prize Category 24 Permutation 12 Permutation 6 Permutation 4 Permutation
1ST PRIZE MYR 125 MYR 250 MYR 500 MYR 750
2ND PRIZE MYR 50 MYR 100 MYR 200 MYR 300
3RD PRIZE MYR 25 MYR 50 MYR 100 MYR 150

IBOX – A / Small (Prize Per MYR1 Bet)
Prize Category 24 Permutation 12 Permutation 6 Permutation 4 Permutation
1ST PRIZE MYR 175 MYR 350 MYR 700 MYR 1,050
2ND PRIZE MYR 100 MYR 200 MYR 400 MYR 600
3RD PRIZE MYR 50 MYR 100 MYR 200 MYR 300

IBOX – 4A (Prize Per MYR1 Bet)
Prize Category 24 Permutation 12 Permutation 6 Permutation 4 Permutation
1ST PRIZE MYR 315 MYR 630 MYR 1,260 MYR 1,890


Top 20 Lucky Number on Singapore Pools

Rank     4D Number No. of Times
1 5807 25
2 9395 25
3 0400 23
4 1845 23
5 2967 23
6 4678 23
7 4785 23
8 6747 23
9 7683 23
10 9509 23
11 1180 22
12 1238 22
13 1273 22
14 3225 22
15 5510 22
16 5760 22
17 6290 22
18 6440 22
19 7234 22
20 7816 22

Live 4D Results Today | History 4D Result at JFDBET

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