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Privacy Policy JFDBET

Here at JFDBET, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal data. This includes being open, clear, and transparent about the information and data we collect from our users. Please note that by using the website and/or by submitting your personal data to us, you consent to the use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. You are advised to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly in order to obtain a clear and accurate understanding of how your personal information is collected and handled according to our guidelines. And whilst we will use all practicable and suitable efforts to protect your personal data, you acknowledge that the use of the internet is not entirely secure and for this reason, we cannot be liable for any personal data which are transferred from you or to you via the internet.

  • Definition
    • Company’ means JFDBET and/or its subsidiaries and associates.
    • Personal Data’ can include (but not limited to) your name, age, gender, date of birth, phone number, email address, comment(s), information or packages which you have signed up, credit card information, transaction history etcetera that have been and may have been collected, processed and maintained by the Company from time to time.
  • Purposes of processing. The Company may process your Personal Data for the following purposes :
    • To process your application.
    • To communicate with you via SMS, phone call, live chat, email, and/or any other appropriate
      communication channels.
    • To respond to your questions or comments.
    • To provide the service, facilities, or programs that you may have requested.
    • For administrative purposes.
    • To inform you of any changes to our service, facilities, or programs which may affect you.
    • To promote and market the service, facilities, or programs that are, or may be offered by the Company to you from time to time.
    • For other purposes that the Company may reasonably deem fit.
    • To verify your Personal Data to carry out security or financial checks.
    • For fraud prevention, detection, and/or protection.
    • To assist and provide relevant information to authorities. Should you wish not to provide your Personal Data for the purposes listed above, we reserve the right to refuse you into our properties.
  • Disclosure. For the purposes described herein, the Company may share with your Personal Data to :
    • The other entities within the Company
    • The Company’s third-party service provider. Third-party providers may be engaged by the Company for support such as (but not limited to) processing or completing your online transactions, maintaining your online accounts, and technical support.
    • Anyone under the duty of confidentiality to the Company
  • Your Rights
    • You reserve the right to be informed on how we are using your personal data.
    • You reserve the right to have access (receive a copy) to your personal data.
    • You reserve the right to rectify (correct) any personal data the company holds of you.
    • You reserve the right to erase your personal data when the Company no longer has any good reason to process it.
    • You reserve the right to restrict (limit) processing if you do not wish to receive any marketing communications from the JFDBET Company.
  • Updates
    • The Company may update the terms in this Privacy Policy from time to time, as and when needed.
    • Any changes or updates made will be posted on this page and such revision will become effective immediately.
    • You are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy regularly and you agree that it is solely your responsibility to keep yourself updated.
    • Your continued use of the JFDBET services will be deemed acceptance of the updated terms.